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Social Media Marketing

We are specialists when it comes to generating a significant return on your social media marketing investment – and we have the data to prove it.


Social media advertising provides the unique ability to target prospective customers on almost every facet of their personal and professional lives. This hyper targeted approach to customer acquisition equips marketers with the tools to generate low cost, highly qualified new business opportunities.


Content Marketing with Social Media 

The cat’s out of the bag. Content marketing is delivering massive returns for every company that understands the game and is playing it well.
While content is absolutely critical to digital success in 2016, one of the keys to collecting the returns is getting your distribution channels right – enter social media.
Our social media management tools have the ability to segment specific parts of your market, allowing brands to get their content in front of the audience that they’re looking to influence and ultimately convert into customers. 
Driving visitors from social across to a more controlled environment such as a website or a landing page is where the big guys are generating all their revenue and where we can help you do the same.
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Facebook Marketing

Facebook knows more about its users interests, buying behaviours and personal life than any other platform in history – we utilise this powerful data to generate high-quality sales enquiries for your organisation.
In this day and age, it is imperative that your business Facebook page is run by someone who knows how to generate content tailored to your crowd, someone whose vision is aligned with their understanding of LEAD GENERATION.
Whether it be through creating unique content, engaging your fans, pumping interactive competitions or managing your display advertising, at Multimedia Marketing Solutions we know how to reach the hearts of your customers.

Facebook Lead Generation

Partner with Facebook and Multimedia Marketing Solutions to harness the power of big data today.

While most companies are thinking about likes and followers, we have been creating a unique system for generating high-quality new business leads for 100’s of companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Don’t waste your Facebook advertising on broad audiences, utilise the power of big data with Multimedia Marketing Solutions and Facebook to build audiences that can quickly and effectively be converted into new customers.

With a team of designers, content developers and communication experts working behind the scenes to enrich your social media presence, we do the job no one-person could possibly do by themselves.Whether you already have a million fans, or are just beginning on your journey – we are ready to take the reigns of your Facebook marketing plan and lead your tribe to your customer base.

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