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Video content is the heart and soul of a campaign, and ultimately, what makes your marketing efforts connect. Unsurprisingly, it’s in the centre of our marketing methodology. 

Quality content is the centrepiece of any marketing campaign. It’s what your customers fall in love with. It’s what they share with friends, save for later and remember down the line. When video content hits it’s as close to brand magic as you get.

Today, there’s more video content around us than ever before, and it’s never been harder for brands to be noticed, let alone remembered. In this world, even solid creative can fall flat if it doesn’t have precisely the right message for the right audience, delivered memorably. It takes an agile and strategic team that can employ data to build, distribute, and amplify engaging content.

At MMS, we’re creating content that resonates with your customers because it’s engineered, it’s designed for them. Our video productions and content marketing services draw on well-crafted strategies, data, and channel expertise to find synergy between creativity and proven tactics. It’s creative meets number-crunching, selling meets storytelling, left brain meets the right brain, and it builds brands.

Video Productions

Bathurst, Sydney & Gold Coast Clients

Promotional videos that

increase brand awareness & sales

Our process is simple – we meet with you and discuss your requirements, gaining a firm understanding of your business and what it represents. Next, our designers will develop a series of plans based on your information provided. Based on your feedback, we focus on fine-tuning a script that encompasses the look, shape and feel you require. Once approved, we schedule in the filming dates, film and can provide a variety of formats, suitable for commercial T.V, social media channels, web and digital signage to name a few. 

MMS mission: To empower businesses with the most compelling marketing and advertising strategies including creating stories through video productions.