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All website design’s are not created equal!

Thinking of updating your website, creating an online store or investigating the additional functionality? 

MMS (Multimedia Marketing Solutions) web design not only looks great but it is easy to navigate – Our designs are created to meet your business goals. MMS also incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into our websites allowing them to rank well on Google and all search engines. In addition we can automate social media throughout your website. 

Basic Web Design
Basic Web Design

(Basic) Website Design

Basic website designs are passable and are always extremely affordable. They’re ‘good enough’, which works for some businesses. The design is simple and always user friendly. The Basic package was developed for the business who just want’s to be online and showcase what they can do with minimal costs! These can be effective for the business that is showcasing their work and using their marketing resources elsewhere.

We strive for perfection! We know Web Design & we achieve results! Is this something you’re looking for? Click the button below to find out more.


Standard Web Design
Standard Web Design

 (Standard Package) Website Design

Standard Website Design has just about everything you need to get your ROI (Return on Investment), the Standard Package Design’s are simply downright gorgeous, impressive and are several step’s ahead of the Basic package.  Developed by our professional team of designers to generate and increase sales via visuals! They are formatted by our Design and Marketing teams! This package would suit a business looking to expand their point of sales and showcase their work/services. 

We strive for perfection! We know Web Design & we achieve results! Is this something you’re looking for? Click the button below to find out more. 


Strategic Web Design
Strategic Web Design

 (Pro) Strategic Website Design

Strategic website design is much, much more than a standard template website design. It goes far beyond a ‘beautiful’ website design (though being beautiful can be a hallmark of a strategic website design).

A strategic website design…

– Is Focused on effectiveness, built for ROI, and not for the gratuitous showcasing of bells and whistles.  

– Is Created based on data including customer journey & site flows for the website function

– Is Designed to achieve your specific goals & developed by using research conducted over many hours.

A strategic website design is custom-crafted to ensure increased interaction, leads, and sales for a client based on that client’s unique target prospects, needs, products/services, and business goals. 

We strive for perfection! We know Web Design & we achieve results! Is this something you’re looking for? Click the button below to find out more.


Why Strategic Website Designs Cost More

So An effective strategic website design quickly pays for itself many times over, it’s not the solution for all companies!

As the creation of a strategic website design can require exponentially more work than a template design, the costs are significantly higher. The development of a truly successful strategic website has not only more upfront work (such as extensive planning, research, and exploration), it requires additional skills and expertise that are not part of the ‘physical’ package – up to date knowledge & understanding of what is technologically available, years of experience in marketing and a rock-solid understanding of consumer behaviour, sales psychology and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Discuss Your Options Today! We strive for perfection! We know Website Designs & we achieve results!

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About MMS

Multimedia Marketing Solutions (MMS) is a team of devoted professionals that specialise in Business, IT, Design and Marketing, working together to fulfill your business goals. Even though each and everyone of our consultants are experts in their area, one thing we all have in common – We love getting results to make everyone successful in their niche.We make great Web Sites that are easy to use and look exceptional! However, we’re not just into Website Design.
We also offer other services including:


-Wordpress & Joomla Web Designs

-Templated Web Designs

-E-Commerce Web Designs

-Re-Design/Update Existing Websites

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Plus More

-Graphic Design

-Logo Design

-Posters & Pamphlets

-Business Cards & Vehicle Advertisement

-Helmet & Go Kart Design

Plus More


-Business Solutions (Re-Structuring & Advice)

-Sales & Marketing strategies (Traditional & Social Media)

-Performance Management

-Financial Solutions

-Customer Management Systems (Developing CMS & CRM)

Plus More


Our Success
Our team is focused on providing a professional, honest & committed service. We guarantee our service’s work otherwise we work for free.  Whether you are “Marketing”, “Systemising” or “Getting a Logo Design”, our Strategic objective is to develop your business & reach it’s maximum potential.


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